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BigAnt Messenger Server is a secure and stable messaging application designed to provide efficient and private communication over networks of any size. Including instant messaging, group discussion, remote desktop sharing, history logging, file and folder exchange.
BigAnt Office Messenger will work in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X 10.6 or above.
BigAnt IM server will work in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008.

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BigAnt Client Features

Easy to use Easy to use With a neat look and familiar interface, there is no leaning curve to use this BigAnt Office Messenger.

Instant messaging Instant messaging Send instant and offline message to contact(s) from anywhere, track your message was read or not yet.

Group Discussion Group Discussion Start discussion among participants in real time, invite/remove members at any time.

Remote desktop Remote desktop With permissions, it will display of remote computer's desktop on your screen in a few seconds.

Broadcast message Broadcast message Also called BigAnt Bulletin Board, this is useful to notify to hold meetings, announce holiday breaks, send notices to all users.

Voice/Video chat Voice/Video chat With the leading edge VoIP technology, Video/voice chat via BigAnt messenger is clear and smooth.

File & folder transfer/forward File & folder transfer/forward BigAnt Office Messenger offers easy and fast file transfer & forward, even a folder can be directly exchanged.

LiveChat on Website LiveChat on Website Live Chat is a value-added feature of BigAnt Office Messenger. It can be easily integrated with your company web site.

BigAnt Document Management BigAnt Document Management With the leading edge VoIP technology, Video/voice chat via BigAnt messenger is clear and smooth.

BigAnt Server Features

Account Management Account Management Create users in visible Organizational Structure, multilevel hierarchy of departments and divisions of employees.

Role and permissions Role and permissions Administrator can specify who can talk to the CEO or supervisor, also you can control whether users are allowed to send file...

Active Directory/LDAP integration Active Directory/LDAP integration Has dozens to hundreds of users? No worry, you can import users list from existing AD/LDAP within a few seconds.

Message Logging & Archiving Message Logging & Archiving Centralized stores history message and file transfer archives on a centralized IM server.

Configuration and Monitor Configuration and Monitor Start, stop, or restart instant messaging server. Administrator can configure settings on client side, send message...

Rebranding program logos Rebranding program logos Rebrand BigAnt Office Messenger client program and use your company name on top of BigAnt client window...

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